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The ELB Series is a high-power flood type bar light designed around flexibility to answer the needs of many machine vision applications.

With the ELB Series, it is esy to adjust the product mechanically, optically, and electronically. This makes it easy for the ELB Series to adapt to any application requirements for instance, users can select the correct lens position depending on the irradiation distance. The ELB Series is also shipped with three different diffuser plates, so that the uniformity can be adjusted to the needs of the user.

Furthermore, the integrated controller with auto-strobe features allows for 300% increase intensity while being strobed when compared to continuous mode.

‣ Window

The ELB Series is shipped with three different diffusers. Depending on what uniformity is needed for the application, the user can select and easily change to the diffuser that fulfills the application requirements.

CW : Clear window
SD : Semi-diffuse window
DF : Diffuse window
3 differentes glasses for ELB

‣ Lens Position

The ELB Series offers flexibility in its lens positioning, which can be easily adjusted to depending on the irradiation distance.

lens for ELB
Position P0 ( Without lens) P1 P2 P3

‣ Optical options

With the polarizer for the ELB Series, it is possible to eliminate glare from your workpiece, making it easier to acquire a suitable image for your application.

without polarizer with polarizer
Without polarizer
With polarizer

The ELB Series will also offer a ‘linescan accessory’, transforming the ELB Series into a line light useable as either a brightfield or darkfield illumination.

schemat ELB linescan without linescan ELB with linescan ELB
Without linescan
With linescan

When the lens is position in P3, the polarizer and the linescan accessory cannot be used together. If necessary, a thinner polarizer is available.

‣ The L2 version : ELB-L2

The ELB Series is also available with 1 led on every 2 positions, which is called the ELB-L2 Series. For further information, please contact your CCS representative.

‣ ELB : Product Line Up

The ELB Series is standard delivered as a package: the product in the classic configuration (SD diffuser and the lens at P2 position) and the two other diffusers (DF and CW), allowing the users to select the correct diffuser for their application needs:

ELB package (ELB + 3 glasses)

ELB : Standard version

SERIES Part Number Color Wavelength / Color temperature Power Consumption Connector Weight Optical Length (Lop) CAD Datasheet
ELB ELB-100SW White 5500 K ± 500 K 20W 8W M12 400g 100mm
ELB ELB-100UV Ultraviolet 405 nm
ELB ELB-100BL Blue 465 nm
ELB ELB-100GR Green 525 nm
ELB ELB-100RD Red 625 nm
ELB ELB-100IR Infrared 850 nm
ELB ELB-200SW White 5500 K ± 500 K 40W 15W M12 700g 200mm
ELB ELB-200UV Ultraviolet 405 nm
ELB ELB-200BL Blue 465 nm
ELB ELB-200GR Green 525 nm
ELB ELB-200RD Red 625 nm
ELB ELB-200IR Infrared 850 nm
ELB ELB-300SW White 5500 K ± 500 K 60W 20W M12 1000g 300mm
ELB ELB-300UV Ultraviolet 405 nm
ELB ELB-300BL Blue 465 nm
ELB ELB-300GR Green 525 nm
ELB ELB-300RD Red 625 nm
ELB ELB-300IR Infrared 850 nm
ELB ELB-400SW White 5500 K ± 500 K 80W 30W M12 1300g 400mm
ELB ELB-400UV Ultraviolet 405 nm
ELB ELB-400BL Blue 465 nm
ELB ELB-400GR Green 525 nm
ELB ELB-400RD Red 625 nm
ELB ELB-400IR Infrared 850 nm
ELB ELB-500SW White 5500 K ± 500 K 95W 35W M12 1600g 500mm
ELB ELB-500UV Ultraviolet 405 nm
ELB ELB-500BL Blue 465 nm
ELB ELB-500GR Green 525 nm
ELB ELB-500RD Red 625 nm
ELB ELB-500IR Infrared 850 nm
ELB ELB-600SW White 5500 K ± 500 K 115W 45W M12 1900g 600mm
ELB ELB-600UV Ultraviolet 405 nm
ELB ELB-600BL Blue 465 nm
ELB ELB-600GR Green 525 nm
ELB ELB-600RD Red 625 nm
ELB ELB-600IR Infrared 850 nm
ELB ELB-700SW White 5500 K ± 500 K 135W 50W M12 2200g 700mm
ELB ELB-700UV Ultraviolet 405 nm
ELB ELB-700BL Blue 465 nm
ELB ELB-700GR Green 525 nm
ELB ELB-700RD Red 625 nm
ELB ELB-700IR Infrared 850 nm
ELB ELB-800SW White 5500 K ± 500 K 155W 55W M12 2500g 800mm
ELB ELB-800UV Ultraviolet 405 nm
ELB ELB-800BL Blue 465 nm
ELB ELB-800GR Green 525 nm
ELB ELB-800RD Red 625 nm
ELB ELB-800IR Infrared 850 nm
ELB ELB-900SW White 5500 K ± 500 K 175W 60W M12P 2800g 900mm
ELB ELB-900UV Ultraviolet 405 nm
ELB ELB-900BL Blue 465 nm
ELB ELB-900GR Green 525 nm
ELB ELB-900RD Red 625 nm
ELB ELB-900IR Infrared 850 nm
ELB ELB-1000SW White 5500 K ± 500 K 190W 65W M12P 3100g 1000mm
ELB ELB-1000UV Ultraviolet 405 nm
ELB ELB-1000BL Blue 465 nm
ELB ELB-1000GR Green 525 nm
ELB ELB-1000RD Red 625 nm
ELB ELB-1000IR Infrared 850 nm
ELB ELB-1100SW White 5500 K ± 500 K 210W 70W M12P 3400g 1100mm
ELB ELB-1100UV Ultraviolet 405 nm
ELB ELB-1100BL Blue 465 nm
ELB ELB-1100GR Green 525 nm
ELB ELB-1100RD Red 625 nm
ELB ELB-1100IR Infrared 850 nm
ELB ELB-1200SW White 5500 K ± 500 K 210W 75W M12P 3400g 1200mm
ELB ELB-1200UV Ultraviolet 405 nm
ELB ELB-1200BL Blue 465 nm
ELB ELB-1200GR Green 525 nm
ELB ELB-1200RD Red 625 nm
ELB ELB-1200IR Infrared 850 nm
ELB ELB-1300SW White 5500 K ± 500 K 250W 85W M12P 4000g 1300mm
ELB ELB-1300UV Ultraviolet 405 nm
ELB ELB-1300BL Blue 465 nm
ELB ELB-1300GR Green 525 nm
ELB ELB-1300RD Red 625 nm
ELB ELB-1300IR Infrared 850 nm
ELB ELB-1400SW White 5500 K ± 500 K 270W 90W M12P 4300g 1400mm
ELB ELB-1400UV Ultraviolet 405 nm
ELB ELB-1400BL Blue 465 nm
ELB ELB-1400GR Green 525 nm
ELB ELB-1400RD Red 625 nm
ELB ELB-1400IR Infrared 850 nm
ELB ELB-1500SW White 5500 K ± 500 K 290W 65W M12P 4600g 1500mm
ELB ELB-1500UV Ultraviolet 405 nm
ELB ELB-1500BL Blue 465 nm
ELB ELB-1500GR Green 525 nm
ELB ELB-1500RD Red 625 nm
ELB ELB-1500IR Infrared 850 nm
ELB ELB-1600SW White 5500 K ± 500 K 310W 100W M12P 4900g 1600mm
ELB ELB-1600UV Ultraviolet 405 nm
ELB ELB-1600BL Blue 465 nm
ELB ELB-1600GR Green 525 nm
ELB ELB-1600RD Red 625 nm
ELB ELB-1600IR Infrared 850 nm

ELB-L2 : 1 LED on 2 positions version

SERIES Part Number Color Wavelength / Color temperature Power Consumption Connector Weight Optical Length (Lop) CAD Datasheet
Strobe Continuous
ELB-L2 ELB-L2-200SW White 5500 K ± 500 K 200W 8W M12 700g 200mm
ELB-L2 ELB-L2-200UV Ultraviolet 405 nm
ELB-L2 ELB-L2-200BL Blue 465 nm
ELB-L2 ELB-L2-200GR Green 525 nm
ELB-L2 ELB-L2-200RD Red 625 nm
ELB-L2 ELB-L2-200IR Infrared 850 nm
ELB-L2 ELB-L2-400SW White 5500 K ± 500 K 40W 15W M12 1300g 400mm
ELB-L2 ELB-L2-400UV Ultraviolet 405 nm
ELB-L2 ELB-L2-400BL Blue 465 nm
ELB-L2 ELB-L2-400GR Green 525 nm
ELB-L2 ELB-L2-400RD Red 625 nm
ELB-L2 ELB-L2-400IR Infrared 850 nm
ELB-L2 ELB-L2-600SW White 5500 K ± 500 K 60W 20W M12 1900g 600mm
ELB-L2 ELB-L2-600UV Ultraviolet 405 nm
ELB-L2 ELB-L2-600BL Blue 465 nm
ELB-L2 ELB-L2-600GR Green 525 nm
ELB-L2 ELB-L2-600RD Red 625 nm
ELB-L2 ELB-L2-600IR Infrared 850 nm
ELB-L2 ELB-L2-800SW White 5500 K ± 500 K 80W 30W M12 2500g 800mm
ELB-L2 ELB-L2-800UV Ultraviolet 405 nm
ELB-L2 ELB-L2-800BL Blue 465 nm
ELB-L2 ELB-L2-800GR Green 525 nm
ELB-L2 ELB-L2-800RD Red 625 nm
ELB-L2 ELB-L2-800IR Infrared 850 nm
ELB-L2 ELB-L2-1000SW White 5500 K ± 500 K 95W 35W M12 3100g 1000mm
ELB-L2 ELB-L2-1000UV Ultraviolet 405 nm
ELB-L2 ELB-L2-1000BL Blue 465 nm
ELB-L2 ELB-L2-1000GR Green 525 nm
ELB-L2 ELB-L2-1000RD Red 625 nm
ELB-L2 ELB-L2-1000IR Infrared 850 nm
ELB-L2 ELB-L2-1200SW White 5500 K ± 500 K 115W 45W M12 3400g 1200mm
ELB-L2 ELB-L2-1200UV Ultraviolet 405 nm
ELB-L2 ELB-L2-1200BL Blue 465 nm
ELB-L2 ELB-L2-1200GR Green 525 nm
ELB-L2 ELB-L2-1200RD Red 625 nm
ELB-L2 ELB-L2-1200IR Infrared 850 nm
ELB-L2 ELB-L2-1400SW White 5500 K ± 500 K 135W 50W M12 4300g 1400mm
ELB-L2 ELB-L2-1400UV Ultraviolet 405 nm
ELB-L2 ELB-L2-1400BL Blue 465 nm
ELB-L2 ELB-L2-1400GR Green 525 nm
ELB-L2 ELB-L2-1400RD Red 625 nm
ELB-L2 ELB-L2-1400IR Infrared 850 nm
ELB-L2 ELB-L2-1600SW White 5500 K ± 500 K 155W 55W M12 4900g 1600mm
ELB-L2 ELB-L2-1600UV Ultraviolet 405 nm
ELB-L2 ELB-L2-1600BL Blue 465 nm
ELB-L2 ELB-L2-1600GR Green 525 nm
ELB-L2 ELB-L2-1600RD Red 625 nm
ELB-L2 ELB-L2-1600IR Infrared 850 nm

‣ Optical accessories


Part Number Applicable LED Unit
PL-ELB-100 ELB-100
PL-ELB-200 ELB-200 / ELB-L2-200
PL-ELB-300 ELB-300
PL-ELB-400 ELB-400 / ELB-L2-400
PL-ELB-500 ELB-500
PL-ELB-600 ELB-600 / ELB-L2-600
PL-ELB-700 ELB-700
PL-ELB-800 ELB-800 / ELB-L2-800
PL-ELB-900 ELB-900
PL-ELB-1000 ELB-1000 / ELB-L2-1000
PL-ELB-1100 ELB-1100
PL-ELB-1200 ELB-1200 / ELB-L2-1200
PL-ELB-1300 ELB-1300
PL-ELB-1400 ELB-1400 / ELB-L2-1400
PL-ELB-1500 ELB-1500
PL-ELB-1600 ELB-1600 / ELB-L2-1600

Linescan (linear lighting or darkfield lighting)

Part Number Applicable LED Unit
LS-ELB-100 ELB-100
LS-ELB-200 ELB-200 / ELB-L2-200
LS-ELB-300 ELB-300
LS-ELB-400 ELB-400 / ELB-L2-400
LS-ELB-500 ELB-500
LS-ELB-600 ELB-600 / ELB-L2-600
LS-ELB-700 ELB-700
LS-ELB-800 ELB-800 / ELB-L2-800
LS-ELB-900 ELB-900
LS-ELB-1000 ELB-1000 / ELB-L2-1000
LS-ELB-1100 ELB-1100
LS-ELB-1200 ELB-1200 / ELB-L2-1200
LS-ELB-1300 ELB-1300
LS-ELB-1400 ELB-1400 / ELB-L2-1400
LS-ELB-1500 ELB-1500
LS-ELB-1600 ELB-1600 / ELB-L2-1600

‣ Custom - On request

Options available on request

Other sizes, wavelengths, ...

Thin polarizer

IP67 & IP69K versions

Water cooling

Example of custom

Other positions of connectors

Custom Electronic