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17/09/2021 - Due to the electronic components crisis, the ELBS is currently only available while stocks last at Effilux.

Please contact us for any request and/or advice on equivalence.

schema how to use the ELSB

The ELSB Series has a double row of high-powered LEDs, to answer increased line speeds in Machine Vision Applications.

Like the ELB Series, the ELSB is highly flexible and allows for easy adjustment of the lens positioning and diffuser plates. The ELSB Series has an IP67 rating to cope with hasher working environments, where dust and water are constant factor.

The integrated controller of the ELSB Series allows for flexibility to the user. With this integrated controller, the user can dim the ELSB Series to the requirement illumination level. The user can also make use of the strobe functionality, increasing the intensity with 700%.

‣ Window

Depending on what uniformity is needed for the application, the user can select and easily change to the diffuser that fulfills the application requirements.

CW : Clear window
SD : Semi-diffuse window
DF : Diffuse window
3 differentes ELSB glasses

‣ Lens Position

The ELSB Series offers flexibility in its lens positioning, which can be easily adjusted to depending on the irradiation distance. The lens positioning can be configured by adjusting the two spacers and the lens array inside the ELSB Series.

ELSB lens
Position P0 ( Without lens) P1 P2 P3

‣ Optical options

With the polarizer for the ELB Series, it is possible to eliminate glare from your workpiece, making it easier to acquire a suitable image for your application.

ELSB with Polarizer
Without polarizer
With polarizer

‣ ELSB : Product Line Up

The ELSB Series is standard delivered as a package: the product in the classic configuration (SD diffuser and the lens at P2 position) and the two other diffusers (DF and CW), allowing the users to select the correct diffuser for their application needs:

ELSB package (ELSB + 3 glasses)
Part Number
Wavelength / Color temperature
Max Power Consumption
ELSB ELSB-55SW White 5500 K ± 500 K 15W 2 x M12-5 (M&F) 180g
ELSB ELSB-55UV Ultraviolet 405 nm
ELSB ELSB-55BL Blue 465 nm
ELSB ELSB-55GR Green 525 nm
ELSB ELSB-55RD Red 625 nm
ELSB ELSB-55IR Infrared 850 nm
ELSB ELSB-105SW White 5500 K ± 500 K 30W 2 x M12-5 (M&F) 300g
ELSB ELSB-105UV Ultraviolet 405 nm
ELSB ELSB-105BL Blue 465 nm
ELSB ELSB-105GR Green 525 nm
ELSB ELSB-105RD Red 625 nm
ELSB ELSB-105IR Infrared 850 nm
ELSB ELSB-285SW White 5500 K ± 500 K 80W 2 x M12-5 (M&F) 800g
ELSB ELSB-285UV Ultraviolet 405 nm
ELSB ELSB-285BL Blue 465 nm
ELSB ELSB-285GR Green 525 nm
ELSB ELSB-285RD Red 625 nm
ELSB ELSB-285IR Infrared 850 nm

‣ Optical accessories


Part Number Applicable LED Unit
PL-ELSB-105 ELSB-105
PL-ELSB-285 ELSB-285

For cables cf. the datasheet of the ECB cables series.
For fasteners cf. the datasheet of the BK fasteners series.

‣ Custom - On request

Options available on request

IP69K version