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The ELF-C39 Series is a flat light with camera hole, offering high uniformity coupled with an integrated controller.

This makes the ELF-C39 the ideal front light for highly reflective work pieces and applications with a high Field of View. The integrated controller offers intensity control to the user.

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Part Number
Wavelength / Color temperature
Max Power Consumption
Optical Width
Optical Length
ELF-C ELF-C39-200x200SW White 5500 K ± 500 K 30W M12 1900g 200mm 200mm
ELF-C ELF-C39-200x200BL Blue 465 nm
ELF-C ELF-C39-200x200RD Red 625 nm
ELF-C ELF-C39-200x200IR Infrared 850 nm
ELF-C ELF-C39-300x300SW White 5500 K ± 500 K 65w M12 3500g 300mm 300mm
ELF-C ELF-C39-300x300BL Blue 465 nm
ELF-C ELF-C39-300x300RD Red 625 nm
ELF-C ELF-C39-300x300IR Infrared 850 nm
ELF-C ELF-C39-400x400SW White 5500 K ± 500 K 110W M12P 5000g 400mm 400mm
ELF-C ELF-C39-400x400BL Blue 465 nm
ELF-C ELF-C39-400x400RD Red 625 nm
ELF-C ELF-C39-400x400IR Infrared 850 nm
ELF-C ELF-C39-500x500SW White 5500 K ± 500 K 175W M12P 7 900g 500 mm 500 mm
ELF-C ELF-C39-500x500BL Blue 465 nm
ELF-C ELF-C39-500x500RD Red 625 nm
ELF-C ELF-C39-500x500IR Infrared 850 nm
ELF-C ELF-C39-600x600SW White 5500 K ± 500 K 250W M12P 12800g 600mm 600mm
ELF-C ELF-C39-600x600BL Blue 465 nm
ELF-C ELF-C39-600x600RD Red 625 nm
ELF-C ELF-C39-600x600IR Infrared 850 nm

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